Monday, November 30, 2015

Caffeine in Workout Supplements and the 5 Levels of Fatigue

In this presentation I will be covering the effects of caffeine when it's consumed before, during, or after a workout. I will also talk about how the Five Levels of Fatigue helps people determine which caffeine products (if any) are right for them. In essence, my Five Levels of Fatigue system helps people avoid caffeine toxicity and dependency because it teaches them tricks for matching how tired they are with how much caffeine they really need. For gym rats and athletes, knowing how to use the Five Levels of Fatigue keeps them from using caffeine after a grueling workout when what the body REALLY needs is rest (not caffeine).

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

7 Reasons why THIS BLOG is moving to

Hello friends and followers!

As you may have noticed, I maintain two blogs:, and this one. For a long time now I've been linking the two so that no matter whether you follow that blog or this one, you never missed an Energy Drink of the Month, Food Science in the News or Day in the Life of a Food Scientist post. As of December 2015, I will cease to link the two; in fact, I'll only be posting articles on

The Day in the Life of a Food Scientist series was previously posted on this blog, with only the links to the articles posted on the site. As of December 2015, all future articles in that series will be exclusively posted on the site. I will keep this (blogspot) blog up and running to allow access to past articles, but I will not be posting any new content or links to new content here.

Okay, but why?
The day I woke up and realized that a blog would help me share my food science tips and insight, Blogger was the first site I found that would make that dream a reality. Through this blogger site, I became the "Green-Eyed Guide", guiding people to see the world the way I do through these green eyes.

It was VERY user friendly and thus an easy start to what I consider my adventure to become more tech-savvy. I never would have imagined I'd come this far. Granted, I am still a novice in many aspects: I have no idea how people make those videos like "RKO outta nowhere", and I just yesterday learned how to make my very first infographic.
As Sam Seaborn once said, "...let's forget the fact that you're coming a little late to the party and embrace the fact that you showed up at all."


While I still have much to learn, I'm happy to reflect on how I went from not knowing anything about blogs, and from purposely obtaining from (even mocking) Twitter, to strategically managing the following:
  1. This blog -- for all things energy drinks and food science PLUS my "Day in the Life of a Food Scientist / Quality Professional" series
  2. My main blog, -- for all things food science and energy drinks PLUS links and references to all third-party blogs I write for (including FitGurus, Scientific Parent, Food Dive, and now even BROBIBLE!)
  3. A YouTube Channel -- for my workout demos and Green-Eyed Insight videos, such as the one below:
  4. My Tumblr account -- which allows me to follow Professor John Coupland's blog, "Chemicals in My Food", and to document my progress toward competing in my first NPC Figure competition in March 2016.
  5. My Instagram account -- which helps me stay inspired as I train for said NPC Figure Competition
  6. My beloved Twitter account. How foolish I was to mock Twitter before when now I rely on my Twitter account to engage with all my followers from all realms GreenEyedGuide, and to post links to all my content from all the sources and outlets above.
  7. My FitGurus page -- where I previously posted FULL, FREE workouts complete with rep recommendations, form corrections, and 30 second demos.
    ***NOTE - I am no longer working with FitGurus due to time constraints and a renewed focus on my writing opportunities with third-parties (see #2, above)***

All this in addition to my full-time job, where I am pleased to share that my adventures into the world of becoming more tech-savvy have helped me find a role as Quality Systems Manager (#ILoveSharePoint #OragleAgilePLM...#notsomuch)

I hope you follow me to so we can continue to discuss energy drinks and food science. Nothing personal to Blogger or to those who prefer Blogger to WordPress, I'm just cutting back some of my commitments.

Thank you all,